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The Vestry is comprised of those members of the parish who have been nominated and elected to serve a three-year term as part of the leadership and decision-making body of the parish.

The membership of the Vestry is made up of young and old, newly arrived and long-time members, anyone who feels invested enough in the life and future of AMC to be willing to give of their time, talent and treasure to lead the parish forward.  The vestry works closely with the Rector, through monthly meetings and an annual planning retreat, to direct wisely all the resources we have been given.  We do so out of a desire to deepen our relationship to God (as a reality we each can know first-hand), enabling us to serve those in our lives from a place of vulnerability and compassion.

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Brad Clark

"I am grateful and lucky to call AMC and Ipswich 'home,' luckier still to share life, love and new adventures with wife Erica and our yoots, Lucas, Moira and Sophie."
Keith Anderson

Kitty Bartholomew, Senior Warden

Jennifer Clark
Janice Clements-Skelton
Sam Davis

Tim Donovan, Assistant Treasurer

Karen Esperson

"The warm and welcoming atmosphere of the services at AMC make me proud to be part of the parish. AMC provides me the spiritual nourishment required to maintain my faith in God."
Jim Field

Ted Flaherty

"I have a wife Leigh and 2 boys, Eddie & Patrick. AMC is the only church I have been part of as well as the rest of my family. We were all baptized at AMC, Leigh & I were married at AMC as was my mother (Mary) and father. Eddie and Patrick were acolytes and Eddie received the Judith Grant Scholarship. I am very interested in maintaining the traditions of our church as well as moving AMC into the future."
Marilyn Hayes

Emma Jacklin, Youth Representative

Eric Jacklin, Junior Warden

"About 7 years ago my wife Kelly and I moved to Ipswich. Sometime after that we discovered Ascension who welcomed us as part of the church family. I currently serve as Junior Warden and enjoy the relationships I have built and continue to build with the AMC community."

Don McDonald

"I have found AMC to be spiritually comforting, full of good fellowship, and great refreshments after the 10:15 service."

John Moberger

Sam Otis, Treasurer

"Have Bible will travel. Love AMC and I value my interests, hobbies and projects."

Jan Pesce

Glenn Roundy

Janice Shea, Clerk

Tom Weber





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