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Ways to Help
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Ways to Help

None of us arrive here on earth either alone or without a purpose.  We are from God and by God have we each been given a calling, a purpose, and all the skills, talents and grace needed to live out that divine vocation with meaning and purpose.  It helps, some say it is required, to live closely enough in community to have our true identity and purpose mirrored back to us through the eyes of others, those who know us best.

There are many various ways to be of help in support of the ministry of AMC, some quite demanding, others less so, but each representing at least one small way you might venture forth from where you now find yourself and perhaps discover a deeper sense of your identity and purpose as seen in the eyes of God.

Altar Guild ~ To care for and prepare for Sunday, weekday and holy day services, as well as baptisms, weddings and funerals.

Hospitality ~ To serve excellent coffee and great snacks. Make guests feel at home through friendly service.

Building & Grounds ~ Prepare clean, safe and inviting facilities inside and out for our parishioners to enjoy.

Choirs & Music ~ Music continues to play a vital role here. Lend your voices and/or musical talents to an already exquisite sounding group of Ascension members.

Endowment ~ Play an important part in helping your church receive the offerings and gifts entrusted to its care.

Funraising ~ Come have fun by helping the team execute various social events for our church community, as well as several activities offered to the larger community.

Greeters ~ Be at the door with a smile and a welcome to our Ascension family and newcomers as they enter to worship.

Home Groups ~ Small gatherings of parishioners who meet in host's homes and share a desire to cultivate a greater awareness of God's presence in their lives.

Saturday Men's Group ~ The Rector guides this ongoing group in intriguing discussions of God's word and how that relates to us in our Christian mission of being in community.

Missions/Outreach ~ An important part of our plan is to involve the congregation in a variety of local, regional and national/international outreach initiatives. Some of those are the Ipswich Food Pantry, the Council on Aging, The Dinner Bell, Winter Warm-up Sale, Action, Inc., missionary work in Haiti, Guatemala and Columbia and other worthwhile endeavors.

Our Story Nursery ~ Help build foundations of faith while providing a safe and nurturing environment for our littlest while their parents worship, get connected, and grow in faith.

Our Space Youth Group ~ Create a fun and welcoming environment for 6th-8th graders by helping them understand people, relationships and how we fit into the world.

Our Beach Sunday School ~ Using a curriculum that explores Bible stories through honoring and engaging their hearts, minds and imaginations, this creative-based program is for children grades K-5.

High School Youth Group ~ Help serve as advisor to this great, fun bunch of kids. They are involved in local outreach and are planning a mission trip to Cuba.

Parish Health Ministry ~ Visit homebound parishioners on a regular basis by phone or in person, knit prayer shawls for nursing home parishioners. Blood pressure checks are offered on the first Sunday of the month.

Stewardship ~ Help design and implement a successful Pledge Campaign.

Sunday Service Volunteers ~ Acolytes, chalice bearers, lectors and tellers are just a few of the positions needed during each service and are critical in helping to make the services successful. There is a place for you!

Ushers ~ Welcome, guide and assist the Ascension family prepare for services as you offer them that week's Bulletin.

Tiki's Friends ~ As the rector's pastoral care team, you will be matched with a parishioner needing a social visit. These visits are done on a flexible schedule averaging about a one hour commitment each week or every other week.

Worship Team ~ Assist in making decisions on various aspects of the liturgical life of the church. We focus on ensuring the liturgies are welcoming and relevant to the concerns of the parish and to those of the wider world, and are carried out with dignity and forethought.

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